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Apex Legends® Connection Optimization Software

Connection Optimization Software

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Tired of continuous lags, freezes, connection fails, server kicks? You're on the right place.

FireShark optimizes your network connection by installing our unique developed Filter Device Driver to monitor your connection and redirects important packets to the Game's connection port.

That's even more usable if you have low speed ADSL connection, you'll get much more enjoyable gameplay by reducing lags and connection fails.


🔥 Removes jittering and stabilizes connection
🔥 Boost your loading speed
🔥 Completely removes Desyncs by unstable connection
🔥 Up to 87% Packet Loss decrease
🔥 Average Ping reduction around 20%

Additional notes:

💎 Software is fully compatible for Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 10 and Windows 11 (x64 only)
💎 Kernel Mode Driver for this Software is validated by Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Program

⚠️ Windows Home Edition is UNSUPPORTED!

Product Information

Windows 10 or Windows 11 Pro x64 Internet connection
Release date
Last update
100% 5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

Pricing information

7 Days
$14.99 (≈766.86₽)
Renewal cost
$14.99 (≈766.86₽)
1 Month
$29.99 (≈1,534.23₽)
Renewal cost
$29.99 (≈1,534.23₽)
50 Years
$99.99 (≈5,115.29₽)
Renewal cost
$99.99 (≈5,115.29₽)