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about us

About us

We are a group of friends and developers that got into the Software Development scene back in early 2016’s. The amount of joy and the obstacles we had throughout our path created our passion that made us continue up until today. We opened up our products to public in early 2019 for the first time in various ways and have been going strong ever since with full customer satisfaction. We have developers in our side that has shined on known forums and have received a lot of exposure as well as received respect over there. We, the FireShark, are pleased to have you along with us on this journey.

How will I receive my product and how long will it take to set it up?

After purchase, you will receive access to the VIP Section where you'll be able to download Product.
Our set of instructions are simple and easy to follow.

For some products, we might even have video guides where we describe you how to complete each step.

If you follow all instructions the correct way we estimate you will be ready to fully use Software in 5-10 minutes.

How do I purchase?

By visiting our store here:

Before you clink this link, make sure that you have signed up to our forum.

After that select your desired software and proceed to pay. You'll be redirected to the Payment Page where you'll need to enter your card details (Card Number, Expiry Date, First & Last Name, CVV2/CVC2 Code) and submit. You'll then be redirected to your own Bank page where you'll need to enter SMS code from your bank. If everything is ok (Correct code, enough money on your card and your Bank didn't block payment) you'll be redirected back to the site and you'll see status of your subscription Active. Click on the link right below subscription status and you'll be able to receive product.

How long does it take for me to receive my access?

You will usually receive your access right away upon your purchase. If for any reason you did not receive your access right away, please open a support ticket.

You can open a ticket from the link below:

Which Windows Versions do you support?

We support Windows 10 and Windows 11 ONLY PRO AND ENTERPRISE (any builds).
Keep in mind Home edition is UNSUPPORTED!